Ideas For Teens in Information Technology – Book Review

I just finished reading ” Ideas for teens in information technology” by Diane Lindsey Reeves. As the owner of a website that focuses on teen jobs I am well read on the subject. This book is part of a series of books regarding specific career paths that teens can explore. I have mixed reviews on the book. I thought it was well researched and well written but I do not think that there was enough substance. It is my opinion that the author used a lot of filler in order to fill up the book. The book also seemed to be written for a general audience and not really specifically for the teen audience. There was a lot of technical terms and information. It almost felt to me that she was writing the book for people who were already in the industry of information technology.

Don’t get me wrong, the book had solid information and explained the different jobs well. The book also did a good job at holding my attention through the use of real stories of people in that particular career field. The best part of the book and really the only part of the book that was really targeted to teens was the questionnaires exercises that are intended to help in the career planning process. After going through the career exploration exercise you would be able to determine if a job in information technology would be right for you.

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